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Cover: Die georgische Tafel

Nana Ansari
222 pages
Dimension 15 x 24
22.90 € | 34.90 Chf
ISBN: 978385476-268-3

More by Nana Ansari:

Nana Ansari

The Georgian Table. With 151 recipes

The Georgian cuisine is significant for her great diversity, which joins the nomadic traditions with Ottoman, Russian, Iranian and Arabian influences. Essential is the significance of the pomegranate and the walnut as sauces for fish and flesh.

The Georgian cuisine knows a differentiated culture of celebration, eating and tableware as social element of a very old society. Georgians never just sit down for drinking and eating but assemble family and friends to enjoy the noble wines and delicious meals. It is a ritual of the establishment and consolidation of relations and also of the memory of the ancestors.

At the Georgian tabel, the Supra, which is a central part of the cultural tradition, one has to observe very specific table manners that are orientated at the structure wine and bread, toast and singing. Up to 500 guests attend a Supra. The head of the table is the Tamada. It is his honourable and responsible duty to guarantee the success of the table.

This special (cook)book introduces the cultural history of the Georgian cuisine and contains 150 recipes that permits us to become a part of this culture.

This third edition of the Georgian table has been completely revised.