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Cover: Lateinamerikas Demokratien im Umbruch

Leo Gabriel, Herbert Berger (Hg.)
340 pages
Dimension 12 x 19
19.00 € | 28.90 Chf
ISBN: 978385476-354-3

Leo Gabriel, Herbert Berger (Hg.)

Latin America's Democracies in Transition

The geopolitical change in Latin America is not a short-termed one. It founds on a deep change in the political consciousness of the majority of the population that has loomed in the last fifty years.

This miscellany analyses the area of tension between civil society, economy and state out of different perspectives with contributions from Argentine, Chile, Brasilia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Honduras, Columbia, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay and Venezuela.

The causes for a renewing are on the one hand the catastrophic smash-up of former economy concepts and on the other the strengthening of native folk cultures that have been oppressed or instrumentalized for many centuries.

The main question is the one after the perspectives of these very different movements, which are connected with names like Hugo Chavez, Luiz Inácio da Silva ğLulaĞ, Kirchner or Evo Morales.

The papers offer an introduction to the problem of Latin America and they are, firstly, designed for a political interested reader. They present successes and perspectives, but also the enormous difficulties and setbackes of the continental process of transformation.