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Cover: Die Welt im 20. Jahrhundert

Helmut Konrad, Monika Stromberger (Hg.)
368 pages
Dimension 15x23
28.00 € | 40.50 Chf
ISBN: 978385476-325-3

Helmut Konrad, Monika Stromberger (Hg.)

The World in the 20th Century after 1945. Global History - The World 1000-2000

On account of globalisation, which reaches a climax in this period, there are no longer regionally limited political, military or economic specific events.

The starting point of this study is the bipolarity of the global community and their questioning through multiple perspectives after World War Two.

The main focus of the different analyses lies on the economical and political structures of the different areas and their interconnectedness.

Because Asia is an upcoming region of this historical period, it is specially analysed. China, India, Japan and the Asian tigers have become important global factors.

The classic division into Eastern and Western Europe is accompanied by a contribution about the »Europe in between«, a region that deconstructs the »evidence« of a uniformly antagonistic bloc-system. Further contributions attend to the Middle East as perhaps the most important area in the public perception at the beginning 21st century as well as to the »forgotten« Africa, which more and more becomes a field of activity for the Asian superpowers.

An article about North America lies his main focus on the relations between domestic and foreign affairs because the influence of the USA on developments of other areas is always present.

The contributions are accompanied by a broad chronology, maps and images.

This book is part of an eight-volume global history of the second millennium. »The World 1000-2000« shows how the increasing contact with foreigners has intensified the urge for ethnical identity shaping and cultural demarcation in all societies.