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Cover: Krieg in der europäischen Neuzeit

Thomas Kolnberger, Ilja Steffelbauer (Hg.)
544 pages
Dimension 15x24
28.00 € | 38.50 Chf
ISBN: 978385476-347-5

Thomas Kolnberger, Ilja Steffelbauer (Hg.)

War in the European Modern Age

This second volume of the series »Krieg und Gesellschaft/War and Society« continues the military history of Europe. It comprises the decline of feudalism, the enterprisers of the Thirty Years War, the war cabinet of the absolutism at the end of the Ancien Régime and the great armies of the Napoleonic wars (1400-1800).

The various contributions engage, for example, in Bohemia as a marketplace for mercenaries in the late middle Ages, the development of regular armies, the contribution of Moorish Granada to the European modern times, the geometrization of landscape by early modern fortress constructions, or the Irish Catholics in the service of Hapsburg.

An international group of historians, cultural sociologists, legal historians and representatives of other scholarly disciplines continue the concept of this series to analyse war and military not as isolated but as imbedded in the social and intellectual developments of the time.