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Welcome to our Foreign Rights Department. Mandelbaum publishes mainly non-fiction books as well as illustrated books.
In the following list you will find a range of titles from our program. If you are interested in any of these books, please let us know and we will send you a reading copy.
If you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Michael Baiculescu
email: baiculescu (at) mandelbaum.at

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FASCHINGEDER, Gerald / SIX, Clemens (Hg.)

Religion and Development. Interactions in Nation and Society

The discussion of culture and development flourishes. But it seems as if beyond some of these cultural debates are in fact religious ones. But religion and culture are not the same. Does religion entail a specific potential also for development processes? Or does religion unfold a... [more]

ISBN: 978385476-207-2
Pages: 280
Dimension: 12x18 cm

Helga Amesberger, Katrin Auer, Brigitte Halbmayr

Sexualised Violence - Female Experience in the Concentration Camps of the Nazis

Sexualised violence against women during the nationalsocialistic persecution hasn´t been a subject of scientific interest for a long time. Thanks to this book, public and political awareness has risen. The authors give a new insight to the power structures inside... [more]

ISBN: 978385476-219-5
Pages: 360
Dimension: 15x24 cm

STERN, Frank / KÖHNE, Julia B. / MOSER, Karin / BALLHAUSEN, Thomas / EICHINGER, Barbara (Hg.)

Filmic Memories. History - Archive - Tear

Film is memory in a vivid visual form. The visual culture coins as never before our mode of perception, the visual memory of the past, the conscience of present and our visions of future.

Perhaps no other medium is more touchingly and comprehensive than film, but no other is so extremely... [more]

ISBN: 978385476-223-2
Pages: 295
Dimension: 12x18 cm

NÖSTLINGER, Elisabeth / SCHMITZER, Ulrike (Hg.)

Susan Sontag. A Passionate Intellectual. An Introduction

For Susan Sontag a writer was »someone who is interested in everything«. This mission she obeyed with her great commitment to literature, art, film and politics. The introductory essays to her work attend to these different aspects.

Ulrike Schmitzer presents the »flagship... [more]

ISBN: 978385476-201-0
Pages: 80
Dimension: 15x23 cm


Global Life Careers. Humans as Agents of World-Historical Events.

The founding thesis of this book is that phenomena and effects of globalisation can only be displayed in the individual. Therefore, eight »global« life careers are presented and analysed here. The reconstruction of such curricula vitae has besides the illustration and insight... [more]

ISBN: 978385476-197-6
Pages: 288
Dimension: 12x18 cm

Clemens Six

Hindi - Hindu - Hindustan. Politics and Religion in Modern India

The future of the nuclear power India is considered to be a confident one. A quickly growing urban middle and upper class manages not only to position itself as an attractive market but also as an active player in the processes of globalisation and therefore as an important... [more]

ISBN: 978385476-212-6
Pages: 248
Dimension: 12x18 cm

EHLERS, Heinrich / SEGAL, Talma / TALMI, Arie (Hg.)

Haschomer Hazair - A Safe Haven for Wounded Souls

The Jewish youth movement Haschomer Hazair, founded in Vienna in the dawn of World War One, has a particular significance among the countless youth organisations across the world. It accomplished a lot for Jewish people, including the buildup of the state of Israel. The specific educational... [more]

ISBN: 978385476-198-3
Pages: 240
Dimension: 12,5x21 cm

PAWLOWSKY, Verena / WENDELIN, Harald (Hg.)

Excluded and Disfranchised. Deprivation and Restitution - Austria from 1938 until Today

This volume of the series »Deprivation and Restitution - Austria from 1938 until Today« presents by the means of selected examples the discriminating policy that preceded displacement and murder of those groups that were excluded from the »greater German... [more]

ISBN: 978385476-192-1
Pages: 300
Dimension: 12x18 cm

Eveline List

Mother Love and Birth Control - Between Psychoanalysis and Socialism. The Story of Margarethe Hilferding-Hönigsberg

Margarethe Hönigsberg - after her marriage Hilferding-Hönigsberg - passed as first woman in Austria a medical training and furthermore was the first female member of the Viennese Psychoanalytical Association.

She... [more]

ISBN: 978385476-184-6
Pages: 248
Dimension: 12,5x21 cm

ALAKUS, Baris / KNIEFACZ, Katharina / VORBERG, Robert (Hg.)

Forced Sex Work in the Concentration Camps of the Nazis

This study broaches the issue of sexual violence during the regime of the Nazis. While officially persecuting street prostitution, brothel systems were developed inside the concentration camps. This was due to a functional change of the camps. Around 1941 the prisoners were expected to... [more]

ISBN: 978385476-205-8
Pages: 214
Dimension: 13x20,5 cm

Seiten: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 (129 Bücher)