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Welcome to our Foreign Rights Department. Mandelbaum publishes mainly non-fiction books as well as illustrated books.
In the following list you will find a range of titles from our program. If you are interested in any of these books, please let us know and we will send you a reading copy.
If you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Michael Baiculescu
email: baiculescu (at) mandelbaum.at

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Policy of Autonomy. Latin-American Suggestions for a New Democracy

Besides unemployment and precarious jobs the despotism of the market shows an enormous deficiency in democratic self-determination.

The sell-out of politics to the globalised economy leads to the loss of quality of living in almost every field. Culture and... [more]

ISBN: 978385476-171-6
Pages: 300
Dimension: 12,3x18 cm

Christa Fuchs, Gudrun Harrer

»Drunk Capuchin« and further Recipes for the Culinary Refinement of Central Europe

Harrer and Fuchs have once again cooked up a treat. Since the publication of their first book in Mandelbaum, »Als Oma im Keller Quargel aß/When Grandma ate Quargel in the Cellar«, the two cookery columnists from the Austrian daily »Der Standard« have been... [more]

ISBN: 978385476-168-6
Pages: 240
Dimension: 15x24 cm

GÄCHTER, August / KOLLAND, Franz (Hg.)

Introduction to the Sociology of Societies in Transition. Structures, Processes, Methods

»Development« in relation with the developing countries has become a subject only after World War Two. The aim was to achieve modernity and therefore to reduce wars and violence and create a global community of good-neighbourly nations. With the progress... [more]

ISBN: 978385476-138-9
Pages: 200
Dimension: 12,3x18 cm

PAWLOWSKY, Verena / WENDELIN, Harald (Hg.)

Aryanized Economy. Deprivation and Restitution - Austria from 1938 until Today

This book is the second volume of the series »Deprivation and Restitution - Austria from 1938 until Today«. Under the title »Aryanized« economy the authors investigate in various aspects of deprivation of asset and restitution in the economical realm. It is shown... [more]

ISBN: 978385476-161-7
Pages: 240
Dimension: 12, 3x18 cm

Alexander Urosevic

»Husarenkrapfen & Damenkaprizen« Grandmother's Banat Baking Recipes

This extraordinary collection of Banat baking recipes was written in the 1920s and 1930s. They were compiled and tested by Aurelia Skripal who was born in 1892 in Grossbetschkerek, now Zrenjanin, in Vojvodina. In 1919 she married her great love Joca, the object of her... [more]

ISBN: 978385476-166-2
Pages: 250
Dimension: 15,3x24 cm

Ingrid Haslinger

»Tafelspitz & Fledermaus« - The Viennese Beef Cuisine

Boiled beef and beef broth. With the consideration of these delicacies of the Viennese cuisine it is idle to ask what has first come into being. Soup and boiled meat have a long history. Although the Emperor Franz Joseph was really fond of this dish neither he nor his royal cooks were... [more]

ISBN: 978385476-167-9
Pages: 176
Dimension: 15,3x24 cm

Jindrich Lion

Jewish Prague

»This little mother has claws,« wrote Franz Kafka about the golden city of Prague, which for centuries was the centre of European Judaism and the inspiration for many outstanding personalities. A city whose charm derives from the simultaneous presence of a living past and an equally vibrant present. A city of Czechs, Germans... [more]

ISBN: 978385476-139-6
Pages: 224
Dimension: 12x18 cm

PAWLOWSKY, Verena / WENDELIN, Harald (Hg.)

Republic and Nazi Legacy. Deprivation and Restitution. Austria from 1938 until Today

Despite the thesis that Austria had been a victim of the National Socialism the Austrian state was in many fields a successor of the German Reich. The property of the Reich came in the republic's ownership after 1945. And therefore the individual has had to... [more]

ISBN: 978385476-154-9
Pages: 240
Dimension: 12x18 cm

Maria Breunlich, Helga Haas

Carps, Crabs and Veal. A Bourgeois Cookbook from the Baroque

This cookbook is a “find” in the truest sense of the word, as it was discovered completely by chance. Written in cursive script, it was probably given to a housewife of the time on the occasion of her birthday. The original was found in the attic of a patrician house in Vienna and... [more]

ISBN: 978385476-135-8
Pages: 178
Dimension: 15x24 cm

Linde Waber, Hil de Gard

fish poem. The Finite Art-Cookbook

The Viennese artists Hil de Gard and Linde Waber have collected recipes and stories of fish, seafood and the like in this art-cookbook. About 100 Viennese artists, their friends, neighbours and like-minded people have contributed 180 recipes, which are partly accompanied by capricious texts: Lapu-Lapu fish... [more]

ISBN: 978385476-136-5
Pages: 288
Dimension: 16x24 cm

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