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Welcome to our Foreign Rights Department. Mandelbaum publishes mainly non-fiction books as well as illustrated books.
In the following list you will find a range of titles from our program. If you are interested in any of these books, please let us know and we will send you a reading copy.
If you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Michael Baiculescu
email: baiculescu (at) mandelbaum.at

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Jacques Offenbach, Karl Kraus, Wolfram Berger, Theocharis Feslikidis

The Duchess of Gerolstein. An audio book in hardcover with one CD

Karl Kraus has awakened the understanding for the deeper layers of Offenbach's craziness with his reading of the great Offenbach operetta »The Duchess of Gerolstein«, which was accompanied on piano, and has discovered a world full of prosperous nonsense. Wolfram Berger has... [more]

ISBN: 978385476-330-7
Pages: 32
Dimension: 18x13 cm

Renald Deppe, Bodo Hell, Brigitta Höpler (Hg.)

Linde Consoles Schubert. Waber Retrospective and Companions

This book accompanied the Linde Waber exhibition in Vienna in 2010 (Leopold Museum). This exhibition was a retrospective on occasion of Waber's 70th birthday. The exhibition catalogue contains her colour woodcuts, her fascination for foreign and enigmatic signs, her illustrations and... [more]

ISBN: 978385476-332-1
Pages: 216
Dimension: 20x27 cm

Otto Tausig

A Punch, Communist, Jew - The story of a life, recorded by Inge Fasan

»I have had much luck in my life. How often could I have been death! Hitler, war and a heart attack, and I am still here, 88 years old and able to tell the story of my life,« says Otto Tausig. A Punch, a Communist and a Jew, these are the three lives of Otto Tausig: a... [more]

ISBN: 978385476-333-8
Pages: 208
Dimension: 22x23 cm

Peter Feldbauer, Gerald Hödl, Jean-Paul Lehners (Hg.)

The Rhythm of Globalisation. Expansion and Constriction between the 13th and 20th Century

The processes of globalisation between the 13th and 20th century were exposed to a lot of changes during its progress. This book helps to come to a deeper understanding of this processes in giving a survey of the expansions and constrictions. The main... [more]

ISBN: 978385476-326-0
Pages: 256
Dimension: 12 x 21 cm

Franz Kolland, Petra Dannecker, August Gächter, Christian Suter (Hg.)

Sociology in the Globalised Society. An Introduction

Because of the great success of the volume »Einführung in die Entwicklungssoziologie/Introduction into Developmental Sociology« this newly composed introduction is published.

The references of sociology have for a long time been the societies of (Western) Europe and later also... [more]

ISBN: 978385476-311-6
Pages: 240
Dimension: 12 x 18 cm

Christine Diercks, Sabine Schlüter (Hg.)

Post-Freud. Post-Klein. Sigmund Freud-Lectures 2008

The great renovators of psychoanalysis were in the centre of this series of lectures of the Viennese Psychoanalytical Association: Jacques Lacan, Wilfred Bion and Donald W. Winnicott, the three theoretical and clinical renovators in the aftermath of the controversial discussions.

... [more]

ISBN: 978385476-307-9
Pages: 326
Dimension: 15 x 24 cm

Peter Ulrich Lehner

Resistance for Freedom - Lyrical Contributions from 20th Century Austria

Resistance and struggle for freedom - these are the main topics of this anthology of Austrian poems. They are literary contributions to (anti)facism, meant for political education. They are not exclusively about the fight against fascism, but also about its social... [more]

ISBN: 978385476-319-2
Pages: 400
Dimension: 12,5x21 cm

Franz Nahrada (Hg.)

Invisible Intelligence. Critic, Vision and Performance - Components of a New Culture of Theory

If one searched with the same enthusiasm for talents of critical theory and coherent models of alternative social practice as for the new superstars of the culture industry or talents for the upper management or multimedia design one would find very... [more]

ISBN: 978385476-312-3
Pages: 230
Dimension: 12 x 18 cm

Bob Martens, Herbert Peter

Destroyed Synagogues of Vienna. A Virtual Walkabout

This book is dedicated to those Viennese synagogues which vanished from the cityscape due to nationalsocialistic efforts. Like their killed or driven-out visitors, they left an unfilled gap in society and culture. Through modern technical means, the authors make it possible to rebuild the... [more]

ISBN: 978385476-313-0
Pages: 256
Dimension: 12,5 x 21 cm

Beatrix Müller-Kampel, Wolfgang Schmutz

Willing Flesh, Weak Poultry. The Austrian Literary Cookbook

Austrian cuisine is neither lacking fat nor meat or sweet delicacies, but it does suffer the absence of Iiterary flavour.

In numerous cookbooks one finds recipes, but there is no literary text beyond a few quotations. This "insatiable" anthology is going to... [more]

ISBN: 978385476-316-1
Pages: 304
Dimension: 15 x 24 cm

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